Everything You Wanted to Know About a Prostate Stimulator
How to Reach Your Male G-Spot with a Prostate Stimulator

In Search of the Ultimate Prostate Stimulation Orgasm

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

When I first started out trying to get a prostate stimulation orgasm, I had no idea the effects that it would have on my entire sex life. When I first experimented with anal play and prostate massage, it was just a fun little change of pace that led to some pretty awesome orgasms. Now the prostate stimulation orgasm pretty much defines my sex life, I don’t know that I’d ever be able to back to just having normal orgasms.

I can think back to the moment that it all changed for me. One time when I was trying to give myself a prostate stimulation orgasm, I suddenly felt the most intense waves of pleasure I’d ever felt sweep over my whole body. The weird part was that I didn’t really ejaculate like I normally would even though I was definitely having an orgasm. This let me keep on stimulating myself and keep on having massive orgasms without even having to slow down! I went for a good three minutes that time – and I’ve since brought my record up to ten minutes!

What’s even better is that I was able to use this in my regular sex life as well as when I’m masturbating. For one thing, it’s like the prostate stimulation kicks my dick into overdrive. I get these raging hard-ons that just won’t quit! Now I’m able to keep up with and even outlast my wife and we both end up having multiple orgasms every time we have sex. When I finally have an actual ejaculation orgasm, it’s the most full and satisfying prostate stimulation orgasm you can imagine. It gets me excited just thinking about it. If you’re not getting a regular prostate stimulation orgasm, you just don’t know what you’re missing.

Choosing a Male Prostate Stimulator

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

I have to say I’m glad that we live in the day and age that we do. Ten years ago or so you probably couldn’t easily find a male prostate stimulator, or at least not one that is as well designed as the Mangasm series. In the past, guys who were brave enough to mess around with anal play were stuck using their fingers or their wife’s stash of sex toys. Our generation, we’ve got a specially designed male prostate stimulator that is designed specifically to give men the maximum amount of pleasure. What could be better?

I’ve got an answer for that: options. Just one type of Mangasm would be pretty damn good, but there are actually several different versions of this male prostate stimulator available. There’s the Mangasm 1, a smaller model that’s perfect for guys who are new to the world of the male g-spot. Or there’s the Mangasm 4, a bulkier version with a different design that’s best for those who’ve already got some experience under their belts. Each one feels a little different, so you can mix it up depending on what you’re feeling any given night.

When looking at a male prostate stimulator, you can’t just focus on the size alone. You have to look at the whole package – how it’s shaped and how the extra stimulators work. The best male prostate stimulator feature little nubs that also massage the perineum (a.k.a. the taint), which is an important element in a proper prostate massage. Even the style and color can be something to look at – especially if you’re going to be using the toy during sex and want it to look attractive. There are a lot of options even just among Mangasm products. Check ‘em out!

Stimulating the Prostate with the Mangasm

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

I ordered a new sex toy called the Mangasm and I have to say that I’m really, really enjoying it a ton. I started off just using it solo so that I could get used to it, since I wasn’t really used to using toys back there. It really hit the spot when it came to stimulating the orgasm. My wife overheard my moaning as I was stimulating the prostate one evening, and it definitely got her excited!

By the time that she and I actually got started, I was already right on the edge of orgasm. To my surprise, I found that I was able to hold off my orgasm way longer than I usually could. At the same time, the sex felt completely amazing. I was literally harder than I had ever been, and my dick felt super sensitive. So what’s not to love about stimulating the prostate during sex? Better hard-on? Check! Lasting longer? Check! And of course when I actually came it was like a volcano.

I swear I could’ve slept for a week after that. Since then I’m stimulating the prostate every chance I get during sex, and testing my own limits (and my wife’s!). We’ve had some marathon sessions that seemed like they were never going to end. Not to mention, my sex drive is through the roof since I discovered about stimulating the prostate. It’s really jump started our love life in a way that surprised the both of us. Even if the Mangasm wasn’t giving me the most intense orgasms of my life, I’d have to recommend it simply for the other effects! Try it out, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve never been surer of anything in my life!

Good Prostate Stimulation Milking

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

I’ve been really getting into this sex toy called the Mangasm 1, and it’s made me want to start learning more about my male g-spot. I had already learned before that the prostate was the male g-spot, but I didn’t know much about what it did other than it felt amazing. Eventually I learned about prostate stimulation milking, and how it’s not only a great feeling but even beneficial.

Ultimately, prostate stimulation milking is really just another term for using the stimulation of the prostate for sexual pleasure as a man. The reason it is called prostate stimulation milking is because it can actually cause cum to drip out without having a full orgasm. Why does that make it beneficial to a guy? Well, as it turns out men produce a lot of sperm and sometimes that sperm overload needs to be released or else it can lead to other bad things involving the prostate. Some people even have severe problems with swollen or “full” prostates, so using prostate stimulation milking can really help lighten that load. Since I’ve had multiple experiences with the Mangasm 6 forcing cum to come out early, I know that it would work as a “milker” as well.

But what about prostate stimulation milking makes things feel better? Besides hitting the male g-spot, I’ve found that the Mangasm 6 helps me to go again even when normally I wouldn’t be ready. My penis might be overly sensitive right after sex, but my g-spot could still be played with for extra pleasure. Using the Mangasm after sex has made it so that I was so turned on and ready to cum again that I could go for a second and sometimes even third round with my wife. There were definitely no complaints from either of us!

Male Prostate Stimulation Needs the Right Toy

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

No matter how much I might enjoy the way it feels when my wife plays with my ass, it’s never the most fulfilling male prostate stimulation I could have. She can rub and lick that area just behind my balls all night, and hell yes I will cum over and over, but it won’t be the level of orgasmic relief that I can get with my Aneros. The Aneros takes male prostate stimulation to a level unlike any other and it’s personally the perfect sex toy for me.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the Mangasm as well, and since I still haven’t gotten around to trying an Aneros model other than my Eupho, I figured it was time to give the Mangasm 3 a shot. The Mangasm 3 had similar structure to the Aneros Eupho, but was actually a bit wider and the curves were slightly different. Just from looking at it, I wasn’t sure that I’d actually feel a difference in the male prostate stimulation, but I also thought the Aneros wouldn’t work so I decided to take the chance and buy it. My wife thought it was a waste of money, until I pointed out the number of vibrators she had and how different could those really be?

My Mangasm arrived and like my first try with the Aneros, I wanted to use it on my own. Even though it was wider, the Mangasm 3 was really easy to put in with a bit of lube. I could definitely tell there was a difference the moment I started working it while I masturbated, but it wasn’t a bad difference at all. This version of male prostate stimulation pressed a little tighter against my prostate and also added to the feeling of the massage against my anus walls. I still like the Aneros for male prostate stimulation too, but it’s nice to be able to switch it up once in a while without giving up an amazing orgasm.

Multiple Prostate Stimulation Methods

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

There’s always more than one way to get anything done, and the same is true when it comes to prostate stimulation methods. Of course some prostate stimulation methods will be better than others, but it really just comes down to what the ultimate goal is. I know that for my wife and I, we want to have the best orgasms we can, and I can only imagine that the same applies for others. Everyone is different though, so it can be helpful to know what the options are for getting a brand new lease on the sex life.

Even though I had been oblivious, it turns out that a lot of people already knew about the perineum, the outside source to the prostate. It sounds nasty, but it simply means that it is quick access to the male g-spot. The first of the prostate stimulation methods that were used on men involved the perineum, although it was often hard to find because it is such a small area. For quick access to a better orgasm, I find that massaging the area between my balls and my asshole is perfect for extra sensations. My wife has also, on occasion, used her hand to rub that area for me during sex or a blow job, and when we were feeling extra daring, she licked it. It actually felt amazing.

Being able to get the inside and the outside of the prostate really makes for some of the best prostate stimulation methods. However, it can be difficult to get the maximum potential out of these prostate stimulation methods since hitting your prostate on the inside can be complicated and even painful if done wrong. There are a select few toys that do an amazing job applying the right amount of pressure to the prostate and even manage to rub against the perineum as well. From personal experience, I know that anyone who uses those toys will have a mega-orgasm.

What Makes Prostate Stimulating Work?

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Before I had learned that the male g-spot is found in the anus, the idea of any prostate stimulating toys completely turned me off. In my mind, my ass was just taboo when it came to sexual relations and I certainly didn’t want to come off as gay. Now I don’t care what anyone thinks about my massaging my prostate, because the experience I have while using something for prostate stimulating is unlike anything else ever before. I had to learn what makes it work though before I could really be comfortable with doing that to myself.

It turns out that prostate stimulating has been around for a long time, and not just in a sexual context. Many men tend to have issues with their prostate gland, and because of the uncomfortable feeling an ignored prostate can cause, doctors would look into ways that a man could relieve pressure from the prostate. Certain methods definitely did the trick, especially ones that involved putting small amounts of pressure on the prostate gland. A reaction they probably hadn’t anticipated though was it also contributed to amazing orgasms, especially products that also touched upon the perineum area of the prostate.

Prostate stimulating really reaches its full potential when the perineum is included in the stimulation, because that is the location of the male g-spot. The perineum area of the prostate is incredibly small, but that’s where the “sex” nerves all come together, which makes it incredibly sensitive and in tune with the man’s orgasmic center. Honestly, this information was enough to make me comfortable with using my ass as a source of sexual pleasure, and I have no regrets.

Massage Your Prostate: Stimulate the G-Spot

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

When I was ready to take my sex life to the next level, it wasn’t until I figured out how to have a prostate stimulate sex toy make my orgasms as epic as my wife’s seemed to be. I could hit her g-spot in just the right way and within moments she’d have orgasms so strong she’d beg me to stop. It was a feeling I desperately wanted, and I was able to get with my Aneros. The Aneros has one purpose when it comes to a man’s prostate: stimulate and massage.

The way the Aneros is designed, I had no trouble figuring out how to use it despite the fact that I was completely new to the prostate stimulate world. The tip of the Aneros might seem pretty generic for a sex toy, but it’s actually specially formed so that the prostate stimulate experience for a man is the best it can be. The tip of the Aneros, no matter which model you order, rubs against the prostate. It moves with your body, meaning that when you tighten your muscles the tip pushes against the prostate and then relieves pressure when you release your muscles. At first, I really had to focus to get that movement going, but the perineum tab actually made it easier once I realized what it was doing. The perineum tab on any of the Aneros toys pushes against what is actually the male g-spot, so every time I clenched and let go, it felt amazing.

There’s one part of my Aneros Eupho that doesn’t have anything to do with prostate stimulate experiences, but it is definitely needed. The handle on this sex toy is small, but perfect for just sliding in and letting go. That’s right, I said letting go. Since the Aneros moves with your body as you get into a rhythm, you don’t need to do anything with your hands. How’s that for complete pleasure?

Male Prostate Stimulation Means Finding the G-Spot

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

Of course I invested in an Aneros for prostate stimulation! My wife and I discovered together that anal play on either of us is amazing, but with the Aneros I had a discovery that so many men miss out on in their life: the g-spot. I mean, as a guy I know the amount of difficulty I have finding a woman’s g-spot, but I never even knew that I had one too. When I started using a specially designed sex toy for prostate stimulation I knew that it was a real thing. It took a bit of getting used to, especially since the idea of using anything for prostate stimulation was new to me, but the Aneros that I bought made the transition pretty simple.

I really didn’t want to put anything too big into my ass, so I ended up trying the Eupho model. They did have one that stated it was specifically for beginners although the size was too daunting for me. The Aneros Eupho was nice and slender, so I wasn’t worried about any chances of it hurting to test out. In the meantime I was able to use my wife’s little vibrator for prostate stimulation, which actually ended up making the Aneros feel that much better. Her vibrator was stiff and a little bulky, and it certainly didn’t feel like it was hitting a g-spot, but it felt good enough for the time. Then, my Aneros Eupho came in the mail.

Since it was going to be my first time using it I decided I wanted to test it out on my own. A little lube was needed to get it in, but once it was in it was easy going. The moment I got it in all the way, not only was I able to immediately feel prostate stimulation, I also found my g-spot! The hard part would be learning how to use my g-spot to have explosive orgasms, but the Aneros made that easier too.

Who Needs a Prostate Stimulator?

June 25th, 2010  Posted by admin

I’ve come across some strange websites when browsing the internet at work, but when I found a website for a prostate stimulator called “Aneros”, I actually got a little embarrassed. I didn’t want anyone at the office to see this type of site on my computer, but truthfully it got me curious. I had heard before that anal play was good for guys too and increased the feeling of orgasms yet I still was nervous about trying it. That same day when I got home I decided to try and use my hand for a prostate stimulator rather than buy one, and it changed everything.

I started off in the shower because I thought it would be the best bet to avoiding any unpleasant outcomes. The water definitely helped me to get my finger into my ass, but it seemed impossible to really do much of anything myself. Still, that little taste of what a prostate stimulator could do was enough to try something else, but I wasn’t ready to invest money in anything just yet. My wife had wanted to explore the anal region on me since being her prostate stimulator was one of my favorite moves in the bedroom, but I had always turned her down. After my experience in the shower I just had to turn to her for help. Once we were really getting into it, she used the anal beads we had gotten for her on me, and it felt great. I was ready to look into getting the Aneros for myself.

Finally taking a look at the Aneros webpage in the privacy of my home as opposed to trying to check it out at work, I noticed what the point of this prostate stimulator was: it hits the male g-spot. Now I know what the female g-spot is, but a male one? It was almost like a myth in my mind.