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How to Reach Your Male G-Spot with a Prostate Stimulator

Good Prostate Stimulation Milking

June 25th, 2010Posted by admin

I’ve been really getting into this sex toy called the Mangasm 1, and it’s made me want to start learning more about my male g-spot. I had already learned before that the prostate was the male g-spot, but I didn’t know much about what it did other than it felt amazing. Eventually I learned about prostate stimulation milking, and how it’s not only a great feeling but even beneficial.

Ultimately, prostate stimulation milking is really just another term for using the stimulation of the prostate for sexual pleasure as a man. The reason it is called prostate stimulation milking is because it can actually cause cum to drip out without having a full orgasm. Why does that make it beneficial to a guy? Well, as it turns out men produce a lot of sperm and sometimes that sperm overload needs to be released or else it can lead to other bad things involving the prostate. Some people even have severe problems with swollen or “full” prostates, so using prostate stimulation milking can really help lighten that load. Since I’ve had multiple experiences with the Mangasm 6 forcing cum to come out early, I know that it would work as a “milker” as well.

But what about prostate stimulation milking makes things feel better? Besides hitting the male g-spot, I’ve found that the Mangasm 6 helps me to go again even when normally I wouldn’t be ready. My penis might be overly sensitive right after sex, but my g-spot could still be played with for extra pleasure. Using the Mangasm after sex has made it so that I was so turned on and ready to cum again that I could go for a second and sometimes even third round with my wife. There were definitely no complaints from either of us!